Hiroshi Sugimoto's Enoura Observatory


The Odawara Art Foundation has opened the Enoura Observatory in Japan. A product of more than ten years of planning, the art facility sits atop a hilly citrus grove in the Kataura district of Odawara and consists of gallery space, performance stages, a tea house and additional features. each element of the complex interacts with its natural surroundings, such as the site’s breathtaking panoramic views of the bay of Sagami.The project was the vision of contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. Throughout his artistic career, the NYC-based artist has experimented primarily with photography, sculpture, installation, and architecture.

One of the Enoura observatory’s many missions is for each element of the complex to incorporate traditional building styles and methods, providing visitors with an overview of Japan’s rich architectural history and revive building methods in danger of being lost.